Digital LED Wooden Alarm Clock Table Sound Control Electronic Clocks

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Embrace Sustainability and Style: Embrace Time with Wooden Digital Clocks

Ditch the plastic and step into a world of natural warmth and modern functionality with wooden digital clocks. These unique timepieces combine the convenience of digital displays with the timeless beauty of wood, offering:

Aesthetics & Environment:

    • Warmth & Character: Natural wood grains and rich tones add a touch of organic elegance to your home décor, contrasting beautifully with modern digital displays.
    • Sustainable Choice: Opt for responsibly sourced wood and embrace eco-conscious living, minimizing your environmental impact.
    • Modern & Minimalist: Sleek designs and clean lines blend seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Beyond Looks:

    • Clear & Bright Displays: Easily read the time with crisp, clear digital displays, even in low-light conditions.
    • Multifunctional Features: Explore options with alarms, snooze functions, calendar displays, and even temperature readings, adding practicality to your timekeeping.
    • Night-Light Options: Gentle, adjustable night-lights on some models offer soft illumination and a warm ambiance for sleep.
    • Customizable Displays: Some models allow adjusting brightness or choosing between 12- and 24-hour formats for personalized use.

Finding Your Perfect Match:

    • Size & Style: Discover a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs, from small desk clocks to statement pieces for walls or shelves.
    • Features & Functionality: Select a clock with the features you need, whether it's a simple time display or an alarm clock with additional functions.
    • Compatibility: Ensure the clock's power source (batteries or USB) aligns with your preferences and placement.

Imagine: The warm glow of the wooden clock lighting up your nightstand, its gentle alarm easing you awake. Or, picture a stunning wooden clock gracing your living room wall, adding a touch of natural beauty and modern convenience.

Shop for your perfect wooden digital clock today and:

    • Embrace eco-conscious living with a sustainable choice.
    • Elevate your home décor with natural warmth and style.
    • Enjoy the convenience of modern digital timekeeping.
    • Choose a unique and personalized timepiece that reflects your taste.

Here are some additional details you can include based on your specific offerings:

    • Specific types of wood available and their sustainability certifications.
    • Unique features like built-in speakers, wireless charging, or touch controls.
    • Compatibility with smart home systems or apps.
    • Reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.


Embrace Sustainability and Style: Embrace Time with Wooden Digital Clocks


Voice Control LED Wooden Alarm Clock Digital Wood Despertador Electronic Desktop USB/AAA Powered Clocks Table Decor

Occasion: Bedroom /office
Features:1.Voice control ,but need decibels greater than 60db
2.Power supply mode:3AAA battery,but ddon't conclude in the package/also can USB-powered
Notes: The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

Product Introduction:
1.Starting up/Reset: Press Reset button to reset, 0-9 digital screen display
2.Clock Function: Hour, minute and temperature, which can be switched between 12-hour system and 24-hour system
3.Voice Control Function: Under the power saving mode, it can rouse display when voice is in the close range or larger than 60dB.
4.Three Display Modes: dp-1: Display time or date and temperature in turn; dp-2: maintain current set display; dp-3: only display time and temperature
5.Alarm Function: Available to set three alarms
6Temperature Switchable Display ℃/℉; temperature measuring range : ℃ (0℃-50℃); ℉ (32℉-122℉)
7.Working Voltage: DC5V/500mA or 4 No.5 cells (AAA)

Two kind size clock

Choose the suit size for you

L size clock :15cm/5.9in*8cm/3.15in*7cm/2.75in

Small size clock:12cm*7cm*6.7cm

Function display

1.Display Mode dp-1:Date,Time,Temperature Carousel Display dp-2:Only Show Time Press "Set" to transform dP1 and dP2 mode

2.Sound control

The clock will always light up if sound control is closed. Once opened, the display will will turn off after 15 seconds.

1) Voice control on
2) Voice control close

When voice control on ,sound over 60DB,the clock will be light

3.Three level brightness

Press "UP" button 3seconds,then press "UP" or "DOWN" ,can adjust the brightness


1* Clock + 1*1M USB cable + 1*Instruction