Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

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Embrace Warmth and Modern Convenience: Wooden Digital Alarm Clock - A Timeless Blend of Style and Functionality

Indulge in the beauty of natural materials and the convenience of modern technology with the Wooden Digital Alarm Clock. This unique timepiece seamlessly blends the elegance of wooden digital clocks with clear and easy-to-read LED digits, offering a stylish and functional solution for your bedside table or desk.

Natural Warmth Meets Modern Functionality:

  • Beautiful Wood Design: The wooden digital alarm clock features a beautiful wood finish that adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your bedroom or workspace. The natural aesthetic complements a variety of décor styles, from classic and modern to rustic and minimalist.
  • Crystal-Clear LED Display: This wooden digital clock showcases bright and clear LED digits that are easy to read from any angle, even in low-light conditions. The crisp display ensures you can easily see the time at a glance, day or night.
  • Multiple Alarm Settings: Start your day on the right foot with the multiple alarm settings offered by this wooden digital clock**. Set independent alarms for weekdays and weekends, or utilize the snooze function for a few extra minutes of sleep.

Designed for Ease and Comfort:

  • Simple and Intuitive Controls: The wooden digital alarm clock features user-friendly controls that allow you to easily set the time, alarm, and other functions. The intuitive design ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Adjustable Brightness: (if applicable) For clocks with adjustable brightness, include this feature. Not all clocks have this feature. Control the brightness of the LED display to create a comfortable viewing experience, especially at night. Dimmer settings can help to promote better sleep by reducing light pollution.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: The compact design of this wooden digital clock makes it a perfect fit for nightstands, desks, or shelves. Its small footprint ensures it won't take up valuable space on your bedside table.

More Than Just Tells Time:

  • Modern Design Aesthetic: The wooden digital clock combines the natural beauty of wood with a sleek and modern design. It complements your existing décor while adding a touch of contemporary style to your space.
  • Natural Material for a Tranquil Ambiance: The use of wood creates a calming and tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom, promoting better sleep and relaxation.
  • The Perfect Gift: Surprise a loved one with this thoughtful and functional gift. The wooden digital alarm clock is a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates natural materials, modern design, and practical functionality.


What type of wood is used to make the clock?

The type of wood used to construct the wooden digital alarm clock can vary depending on the manufacturer. The product description will usually specify the type of wood used.

Is the LED display bright enough to see at night?

The wooden digital alarm clock typically features an adjustable brightness setting (if applicable) or a bright LED display that allows for easy viewing in low-light conditions.

Does the clock have a backup battery in case of a power outage?

Some wooden digital alarm clocks come with a backup battery to ensure timekeeping even during power outages. The product description will specify if a backup battery is included.

How do you set the alarm?

The wooden digital alarm clock usually features user-friendly controls with clear instructions for setting the time, alarm, and other functions. Refer to the product manual for specific instructions.

Embrace the timeless beauty of natural wood and the convenience of modern technology with the Wooden Digital Alarm Clock. This unique clock adds warmth, style, and functionality to your bedroom or workspace. Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of classic design and modern features!

Shape: Geometric

Length: 70mm

Feature: Calendars

Style: Modern Style

Model Number: NIMT01

Display Type: DIGITAL

Motivity Type: Digital

Width: 150mm

Function: Temperature Display

Form: Single Face

Screen Type: LED

Type: Alarm Clocks

Weight: 230g

Material: plastic

Choice: yes


【Note】- Please make sure the USB power plug is connected to the clock. (AAA)batteries are for backup power use only.This clock is powered by USB . ***NOT Batteries operated***.Temperature precision:1~2℃.

How to keep the LED time display lit all the time ? Press the "Down" button and choose “-:Sd” to turn off Sound control mode.

Product Features:

【3 Alarm Settings Available】This digital alarm clock not only has 2 display modes (12/24H) and temperature(°C/°F) , but also comes with 3 groups of alarm settable. Each alarm sounds for 1 minute, ensuring to wake you up even in the deepest sleep

【Adjustable Brightness】You can choose 3-level(from low to high) brightness for the most appropriate brightness to satisfy your different needs. So it can protect your eyes well. You can also read temperature (°F/°C) from it's surface

【Natural in technology】 This alarm clock is designed with a wooden appearance, This is not just a multi-function alarm clock, but also a versatile decoration in your home.

【Great Present】 Retro wood grain with delication vintage clock appearance to decorate your desktop also perfect gift for your friends.

Sound control mode (Power-saving mode)Press the Down button and choose “oN:Sd”, the screen will turn off after 10 seconds. You can light up the screen by clapping your hands (any sound louder than 60dbm) or by tapping the clock.Press the Down button and choose “-:Sd” to turn off Sound control mode.

Product function

Power Supply:Plug in

LED display

Time display

12/24H Time Display

3 levels of brightness adjusted

Memory function

【Note】This wall clock is a plug-in model, using the DC cable, the battery is used for power-off memory, and cannot supply power. No adapter.


Material: ABS
Item color: White  
Input Voltage : USB5V/1A

Size:15*7*4cm Square

battery:1xCR2032(included),4xAAA batteries(not included)

Package includes:

1 x Wooden LED Alarm Clock
1 x User Manual
1 x Power supply Cable

Simple Manual

(1)Display mode select:DP-1/DP-2

press ‘SET’to transform DP1 /DP2

(2)Sound control mode select (Power-saving mode on AAA battery); Press"DOWN","on:SD"→"-:SD: ";  "on:SD" means sound control works,"-:SD* means sound control closed.

(3)Press"up”;"℃-"F”format Conversion.

(4)Press button "SET”for 3 seconds into setting mode.

You may set:YEAR-MONTH-DATE-12H/24H-HOUR-MINUTE- ALA1(ALARM)- ALA2- ALA3- E(work day)-luminance adjust on/off,When YEAR symbol flashing adjust by"Up"and"Down”.

(5)Display luminance adjustment .Pressand hold“Up”key for 3seconds,Display "L1" normal light, and then press the “Down”key(DOWN) to display"L2" reduced brightness, and press the “Down”key(DOWN) to display "L3" weakest brightness, press up key brightness enhancement after setting is automatically saved three seconds to exit.