Natural Handmade Wood Tea Leaf Matcha Sticks Spoon White Bamboo Kitchen Tool

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Size: 1-18cm long


Relax with tradition:

sticks and spoons - your gateway to a wonderful tea experience
Sticks and spoons are more than just a name; It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of tea with ethically sourced and carefully crafted tools. We offer an extensive collection of natural, handcrafted wooden teapots, including sticks, spoons, and a menu of options to enhance your tea ceremony.

Embrace the art of tea:

Dive into our Sticks and Spoons menu: Explore a wide array of sticks and spoons perfectly designed for different types of tea. Each piece is individually hand-carved from sustainable white bamboo, ensuring unique variety and unmatched beauty.
Sustainable choice: We pride ourselves on using white bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource. Sticks & Spoons offers a conscious choice for environmentally-minded individuals who appreciate both quality and sustainability.


White bamboo's sleek, minimal lines and sleek, polished finish exude sophistication, transforming your tea experience into a moment of mindfulness and tranquility.
Functional design meets traditional charm: Our sticks and spoons are carefully crafted for optimal functionality. Whether using them to scoop loose-leaf tea, stir matcha powder, or enjoy your favorite herbal infusion, these pots ensure a consistent and authentic tea experience.
Beyond tools, a valuable addition: sticks and spoons go beyond mere tools. They are thoughtful gifts for tea lovers, valuable additions to your tea collection, and a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment.
Explore our extensive stick-and-spoon menu and discover the perfect piece for your ideal seeking set. With sticks and spoons, you will not only experience the richness of the tea tradition but also adopt a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. So, steep yourself in tradition and relax with every sip using our exquisitely natural, handcrafted wooden Chawalas.