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Bathing your space with contemporary elegance: The 3D Luminous Wall Clock

Luminous Wall Clock

Are you bored of dull clocks? Do you need a clock that combines modern fashion and stunning practicality? Meet the incredible 3D Luminous Wall Clock. It is an innovative timepiece that defies traditional boundaries of timekeeping, turning into an illuminant artwork that transforms your space.

Modern Design Meets Everyday Functionality:

  • Frameless for a sleek touch: A minimalist frameless design adds a clean and modern aesthetic to suit various decors, such as mid-century modern or contemporary.
  • The most transparent clock on earth: Oversized 3D numerals guarantee clarity from different angles, so you can quickly read the time.
  • Glow in the dark: (Green color only) Numbers and hands take in light energy all day and release it at night as a mild glow, making it convenient to see time even in darkness.
Luminous Wall Clock

A Statement Piece for Any Room:

  • Command Attention: This sizeable clock draws attention to any wall and becomes the focal point of attraction in your living room, bedroom, office, or entryway.
  • Silent Precision: Experience tranquility with this high-quality quartz movement, which will not tick but still keep accurate timekeeping.
  • Easier to install: The lightweight acrylic material and self-adhesive backing make it easy to put up.

More than just a clock

  • Easy to install: Our wall decor clock comes with self-adhesive numbers, an auxiliary scale ruler, and an installation video to guide you through the setup process so you can derive pleasure in creating something special for your living room.
  • Modern design: Apart from reading time, our big wall clock is a good remedy for empty walls as it suits any living room décor purposes well.
  • Adjustable size: Reduce or extend the diameter of this frameless clock according to wall dimensions.
  • CLEAR TO READ: Our bare-bones clock has large 3D numerals for effortless readability, making it look tasteful forever.
  • PERFECT GIFT: This decorative wall clock is suitable for eateries, offices, hotels, etc. It is neatly packed and makes a lovely present during holidays or housewarming parties among family members or friends.

The 3D Luminous Wall Clock combines modern design with functionality. This luminous wall decor doubles as a timepiece and a statement piece that adds sophistication and style to any space. Order your own today and enjoy the perfect blend of shape and purpose!

Please note that only the green one has luminescent features.

Luminous Wall Clock

A Brief Product Description:

  • Kind: Basic Wall Digital Clock
  • Comprises of: wall clock (minus the cell)
  • Battery type: 1.5V AA battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: 40cm diameter
  • Condition: Brand new and high-quality
  • Color: As the picture displays (green glow in the dark, all other colors do not)
  • Material: Acrylic Panel.

In Short:

Liven up your home with elegance and utility through our beautiful 3D Luminous Wall Clock. Beyond conventional time-telling devices, this inventive clock also acts as enchanting luminous wall art that introduces contemporary aspects to any chamber.

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